Shustoke Race Series and Club Championship
The Essential Guide
To clarify the racing that takes place at Shustoke SC and what it’s all about and how to qualify, the Sailing Committee decided recently to summarise the main racing events that are held in the Club’s annual racing programme.  The following table should explain:

Racing Series and Qualification Rules

Racing Series
Shustoke’s annual race programme is as follows:



How to Quality for race series

All races will be sailed on the basis of “Helm to Count” ie if a helm changes class of boat then all results irrespective of class of boat sailed will count to qualification of races in the series.

Saturday, Sunday and Thursday Night  Series  – NB the season starts from the first available day in the month i.e. if Saturday  Spring Series , then it is from the first Saturday in April.

Qualification is 25% + 1 of available races. Where a race is not run then this will not count as an available race, e.g. no wind.

Where there is a special event during the series e.g.  Open Meetings, Gauntlet and race week then these will not be counted as available race days.

June Race Week – Monday to Thursday inclusive results. Then the following will count

4 races sailed = 3 + Fridays race
3 races sailed = 3 + Fridays race
2 races sailed = 2 + Fridays race
1 race sailed = 1 + Fridays race

If Friday’s race is not sailed then as above with Friday race excluded will count.



Prizes will be given for first, second and third place. 
Additionally the fleet captains may give prizes to the fleet winners
Other discretionary prizes may also be given 
Competitors have to start a quarter plus one races to be awarded a prize