Offshore Section Programme

Proposed Racing Programme for 2018

After the various meetings last December plus many discussions across the board, I would like to propose as an ideal nursery ‘offshore racing’ plan for 2018, based on the Sunsail Matched First 40 Race programme out of Port Solent, Portsmouth.

I have been in contact with Terry Hunt of Sunsail, and I believe we can organise a really interesting big-boat race programme for a mix of dinghy sailing and racing skilled sailors keen to have a go. 

Two key attributes of this programme, is 1) it is scattered across the year so that your existing dinghy sailing/racing plans are minimally affected, and 2) the budget price of £150 +/- per head per sailing weekend, based on a crew of 8 is phenomenal value for money.

The proposed programme:

Event Description Dates
1 Two or three Shustoke Clubhouse base training sessions TBA – Feb / Mar
2 Two training/skills development sailing weekends, perhaps including some racing on the Sunday TBC – Mar / Apr
3 Up to 5 race weekends 10/11 March, 7-8 April, 11-13 May, 9-10 June, 22-23 September, 20-21 October
4 Sunsail Racing Series Finals (if we’re lucky) TBC November
5 ISC – Round The Island race 7 July

This programme will allow us to ramp up skills and teamwork before jumping into the racing challenge.

Alongside this and also very interesting, is the HOEOCA proposal for a “Midlands Sailing Clubs” event using the same Sunsail Matched First 40 race boats, over one or more of the following weekends:- 3/4 March, 10/11 March, 17/18 March, however this is still in the planning phase and this may materialise in the Autumn instead.

I’m looking to have boat crews of 8, and the crew mix will for sure change from weekend to weekend, so we may well end up with a pool of 15-20 sailors, or more. 

Before any of the above plans can go much further we need some idea of dates and availability: could you therefore complete the Doodle planning survey:-

Any questions please email Geoff at or

Proposed Cruising Programme for 2018

If you’ve not set foot on a yacht before, then there are first-time taster sails over a weekend – a great introduction to yachting.

If you have sailed yachts before, then there are opportunities for you to practice your skills on board.

Event Description Dates
1 Come & try yacht sailing 4-7 May


Any questions please email Les at