Sorry, I have been a little slow feeding back on the last 2 training sessions that went on in November, better late than never as they say!

We had two great training sessions in November, led by Cole Briscoe on the 5th November and by Jim Hopton on the 12th November. For those that couldn’t make it, attendance was high with over 20 people attending each day.

Cole led a session on sailing down wind, covering when to gybe or not on the downwind leg.  This led to lots of discussion around the wind directions at Shustoke and what happens to the wind when it is coming from certain directions through the trees and over the banks.  Some brave sailors then did the morning race with a cold northerly wind, and Cole gave them advice from the RIB.

Jim did a great session on sailing in different wind conditions, talking about apparent wind and the importance of this when sailing.  Jim was bombarded with questions afterwards!

Thank you to both Cole and Jim for delivering 2 enthusiastic and informative sessions.

One thing that was consistent across all four training session was to ‘keep the boat flat’.  So I now have (courtesy of Father Christmas) a clinometer to put on my boat the next time I am out to help me keep my Solo as flat as possible.

There has been lots of positive feedback about the 4 training sessions.  A lot was covered in such a short time, so I am looking at arranging some further sessions in the Spring to progress on from what has already been done.  If you have any ideas of future training sessions/areas to cover then please e-mail me and I will see what I can organise.

Wishing you all happy sailing in 2017, wind permitting.