Well here we are the start of November and Xmas just on the horizon, and Shustoke Sailing Club is alive and well and still a great place to be.

What has been happening since my last ramblings?  Well, quite a lot, actually.  You may have noticed that the water has dropped again to a really low level now.  Not ideal, but let’s face it, there is still a lot of water available for sailing and we are getting a great rebate from ST on our rent due to the low level.  Turn outs have been good, the recent Optimist, Laser and Phantom “Opens” were successful events and the club was a vibrant place to be on those weekends. The Optimists in particular drew in many visiting sailors and families, and they are keen to come again soon for another training weekend.

There has been some excellent “free” Autumn Training at the club organised by Jane Scott-Davies for our members.  Adrian Padro, Stuart Hydon, Jim Hopton, Chris Biglin and Cole Briscoe, among others, are offering their expertise to help our members improve their racing skills.  So far it has been well attended with I believe 25 boats for the first weekend of training – there are two more weekends planned, the next being next Saturday 5th November followed by Saturday 12th November.  It doesn’t matter if you missed the first two, get down to the club and take part in either or both of the remaining sessions, they are well worth it!  Well done, Jane, great initiative this one!
The site is looking exceptionally tidy, weed- & scrub-free banks, tidy grass etc., this is all down to our incredible Thursday Gang: those tremendous gentlemen who not only show us an excellent example by turning out in good numbers on the water, but they beaver away to help keep our club a tidy and presentable place to be.  Well done, the Thursday Gang!!!  Thank you!  Note: They could always use some extra pairs of hands on a Thursday if you are at a loose end and fancy helping out, please drop down and see the Gang – they will welcome the help.

So What’s On?  
Next Saturday 5th November, the Bonfire & Fireworks start at 6.30 p.m.  There will be hot dogs and soup available from the galley.  Entrance costs 1 x Firework.  Then on Sunday 6thNovember, there is an exciting sailing day with the Commodore’s Cup Race and the Terry Booth Junior Trophy Race on the second race of the day.  So something for everybody on Sunday, adults and juniors alike, so brush that sailing gear off and put the 6th in your diary as The Sailing Day.
Soon we will be holding Prize Giving for the Spring and Summer Series, we will promulgate a date ASAP.  Prize Giving is an important element of any sailing club so please do try to get down to the club even if you have not won anything this time, your support and enthusiasm will be greatly appreciated.
We have been looking at what we can do to help both the ODs and the competitors and it has been decided to go back to using the “Langstone Tables”, those sheets of corrected timings for Handicap Races that we used to use for many years.  My thanks go to Jim Hopton who is currently working on an up-to-date set of tables for us to use.  We will still be keeping the Sailwave Laptop but the OD will not have to upload the results onto the Laptop any more – Lucinda has very kindly offered to upload the results to Sailwave as long as the ODs keep an accurate record with clear sail numbers, finish times and dates, etc.  Coming soon on each day’s sailing there will be a Results Sheet for that day’s racing that the ODs will fill in and put up on the wall in the clubhouse so everybody will be able to see where they came in each race they completed that day. It is also planned to have a chart on the wall in the clubhouse showing the running results as we go.  It is hoped that this system will make the ODs’ duties much easier and help you, the sailors, to know how you are doing on the water.
There is lots going on so come on down to the club more often and you too can enjoy our great facilities and our friendly members.  Shustoke is a great club – it’s your club – so do come on down and help make it even better!


Chris Padro
Rear Commodore Sailing