Membership – It looks like we will have lost about 20 members when the late payers are all rounded up. This means that the Club will be able to financial run, but without the normal amount of contingency money. I will be writing personally to all old member from the past few year encouraging them to return. Also could all members take a few flyers from the dispenser near the phone in the clubhouse and give them out to friends and family’s inviting them down to the club for a taster session. Please contact myself or John Dransfield and we will arrange a trip out for them. We have had 9 new members join this year thanks to the training team and there is a possibility that 10 to 15 members of Bart Green SC will join us over the winter months as their water may become un-sailable due to repair work. This will help the bank account.

Petty Cash – It is imperative that we keep a running cost as low as possible, so please do not use the till in the bar as a petty cash tin. If you have any expenditure to be reclaimed give the receipt with your bank details to Kevin Lynch as we will be reimbursing you directly, we now have electronic banking available.

Weed Report – You will note we have very little weed in the pond and certainly none showing on the surface at all. The weed cutter is going out twice a week and with that and the high water we look to be clear this year. It is important that if you see any sign of weed while out sailing, note the location and report it to the OoD.

2016 Regatta Weekend – A full plan of the day will be posted out soon. Please come along and camp out over for the full weekend as a lot of work goes into organising and it promises to be a really good week end.

Power/Safety Boats – Decisions have to be made regarding the number amount and type of power boats we keep going forward. Many will have noticed that one of the yellow ribs is in the compound as its engine requires over £2,000 spending on it. Thanks to the help of Peter Williams, we have ensured that the other yellow rib and orange rib are available. Both the engines on these ribs are well past they’re best and need replacing. A decision was taken a few years ago to replace the orange rib with newer one, which was done, but the orange rib was never sold. I have found a company that will lease us new Honda engines at the same cost as of our current servicing and will also take the present engines in part exchange. Also the size of ribs we use has been looked at and compared against other sailing clubs. The most popular safety boat used by other clubs is known as a Jaffa. We will have an open meeting after sailing on Saturday 25th June to allow club members to make their views known or you can drop me a note in the post box by the galley.

Seven Trent Work – There are is a few projects to be started around the reservoir over the coming months all of which are is said not to disturbed our sailing. They include a water leak outside the club grounds, improve drainage to the far west of the grounds, echo sounding survey of the water to take place during the week and wave erosion tests on the banks of the reservoir to the east bank due to start in the Autumn.

See you all out on the water.