I’ve been sailing!  That’s right, thanks to Pete Smith I was able to be part of the GP & Comet Open meeting.  What a good day – good turnout, good weather, good wind, good food, good company and a good race result? (Well you can’t win them all.)  Thanks to all involved on the day.


Great to see that nearly 70% of the club have been ticking the CASC participation sheets in the OD office.  You just need to sign when you have completed your 12 participations for the year.  Then that’s it done till next year.

Weed Control

Well done to the WAG’s for getting the necessary permits from Seven Trent for us to use the weed boat whenever we wish.  A special thank you to Chris Padro for completing the very lengthy risk assessment that was required.  With the high water at the moment, we seem to be holding the weed at bay, but that can all change very quickly now the warmer weather is about.

Club Maintenance

It’s great to see the Thursday crew and other club members all pulling together to keep the grass cut and club maintained.  It would still be good if we could have a volunteer to keep a record of what needs to be done and can ensure the jobs are completed.  If you would like to discuss this role, drop me a note in the post box by the galley.

Power Boats

The Sailing Committee have been tasked with deciding the way forward with the powerboats.  You will notice that the yellow powerboat with the Honda engine is in the training compound; this is due to the engine requiring major repair work.  We are still covered from a safety point of view with the other yellow rib and the orange rib.  We need to make decisions regarding when and how we replace them as they are both showing their age.  If you have any ideas, please speak to your Fleet Captain.

Club Regatta 8th, 9th & 10th July

The plans for this year’s Club Regatta are coming together with a beer festival starting on Friday night being organized, as last year.  There will also be the family fun races on the Saturday and the main racing on Sunday.  The Club will be open for the full weekend and camping over is recommended.  Final plan will be out soon.

Push the Boat Out

It’s that time of year, so get to the club, clean up your boat and get it out on the water.  We have our second Open Day on the 15th May.  We signed up 9 new members from the last Open Day in April, thanks to John Dransfield and the Training Team.  So let’s all get on the water and have fun sailing.

Peter Dunn