I would like to thank all the club members that came along to the AGM in March, it was an excellent turn out.

Open Days

We are holding two Open Days at the club this year, which are vital for the growth of the club.  The first has just happened on the 9th April and was very well attended with our next training course being filled. Thank you to all that gave of their time.

The next Open Day is to run in conjunction with the national RYA Push the Boat Out campaign.  The event is advertised over the 11 days from 14th May to 22nd May.  Our event is on Sunday 15th May.  It is always good to see lots of people out sailing, especially on an open day, so please come along and sail. Please be mindful that during an Open Day we must ensure, as always, that no personal valuables are left unattended. 


The participation register in the OD office is being filled in well with over 50% of the members recording their participations.  Remember there is no need to enter any dates so if you have forgotten to tick one you can just enter it the next time you’re at the club.  When you have completed 12 participations for the year you just need to sign your line and that’s the job done.  Thank you to all those that have taken part so far.

Weed Control

Many will have noticed that the weed cutting boat has arrived and has been out cutting already.  The weather is starting to improve so the weed will start growing.  Therefore, it is important that we keep a constant eye on it.  Most of the weed cutting will be taking place while the club is closed ensuring sailing is not too disturbed.  A team of 10 members have been trained and certified to use the boat with a maintenance rota and cutting rota in place.  The weed action group are still on the case ensuring that the new boat is secure and safe.  Thank you again for all involved.

Web Site.

Thanks to John Dransfield for helping to revamp our web site to ensure it can be easily updated with all club information available. Under Club Documentation you can find: SSC Constitution & Rules (PDF), SSC Code of conduct (PDF), SSC Health & Safety Policy (PDF), Membership & Course Fees (PDF), Membership Application Form (Word Doc), Beginners Guide to Sailwave (PDF), SSC Club Sailing Instructions (PDF).  If you would like anything to be added to the site, then please email info@shustokesailingclub.co.uk.

With the weather starting to improve it’s time to come and wash down your boat and get out on the water again.

Shustoke – a great place to sail.

Peter Dunn