Well, another membership year is coming to a close so perhaps it’s time to reflect on the last year.  Shustoke SC has survived and is prospering; after defeating the dreaded weed attack the year before, we kept the weed at bay last year.  The year then progressed with all the usual Events and Open Meetings which were all successful.  It’s great to have had the  Mirror National Squad using Shustoke SC for 4 different weekend training sessions and the Optimist Zone Squad who are also using Shustoke SC for training weekends. They are all very welcome.
We are really fortunate to have Stuart Hydon stepping forward as our next Rear Commodore Sailing.  Stuart has already pitched in and is busy reorganising our Sailing Programme and the Records and Prize Giving etc.   Jane Scott Davies has been organising some excellent Training Sessions with the help of our better sailors taking various sessions: Jim, Chris, Stuart, Cole, Adrian, etc.  The sessions were all very well attended and there are more are planned for this year so if you missed the last sessions make sure to make a note of this year’s dates.  This year’s dates and subjects:-  31/3/17 Friday Evening Chris Biglin covering the Racing Rules up to date review,  Sat 8/4/17 09.30 Stuart Hydon covering Roll Tacking, Sun 14/5/17 09.30 Adrian Padro covering Gybing,  Sat 17/6/17 09.30  Presenter to be advised,  Double Handed Boats.  (Remember this Training and Input is Free of Charge so do come and take part – everyone welcome.)
Thanks to all of you for supporting our Galley over the year.  Judith and the Team have been doing great food,  looking after our members really well.  Hopefully being in the New Year a few more people may like to help out and add their names to the Galley Rota.  Also your club could not function without the legendary Mike Edwards who not only runs our Bar but does so many other little tasks around the Club, Thanks Mike!
On this note the Club can only function if its members volunteer to do the various functions and tasks that need covering, so please, even if your time is limited please see if there is at least one task that you could take on, your assistance will be greatly appreciated. (If I have missed anyone, you are appreciated make no mistake!)
The Thursday Gang, those intrepid guys who are our Mirror Fleet men, have been as busy as usual keeping our Club clean and tidy, especially the grounds.  I came home from work recently and my wife Trish was looking at the CCTV cameras.  She showed me the driveway camera, and there in the pouring rain was a gang of our pensioners filling the holes in the driveway with the aggregate!


 Thanks to Denis & the Thursday Gang – your efforts are really appreciated !
Shustoke is a great club – it’s your club so why not come on down soon:  Sail, Watch the Racing, Enjoy a Spot of Lunch from the Galley, enjoy a Drink from the Bar, you will be helping to make it even better.  
* * * Don’t forget the AGM is being held on Friday March 24th 2017, 1930 hours in the Clubhouse * * *
Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Chris Padro
Rear Commodore Sailing