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Published 22:32 on 16 Mar 2020

In the light of HM Government’s announcements today, 16th March, about the Corona Virus, it is with great regret that the Committee has decided that we have no option but to close the Club to all sailing and social activity IMMEDIATELY until further notice.
For clarity, there will be no entitlement to refunds of Club membership fees as this is a situation totally beyond the control of the Club.
Please look out for further notices that may be published from time to time by e-mail and posted on this website and/or members’ portal. Also, please help us by spreading the word and making sure all your sailing friends are aware of the latest situations, as they arise.
Your Committee will keep the situation under constant review and will make any adjustments as and when it is deemed necessary or appropriate.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Chris Padro, Commodore